Ice Fishing begins

This is my first year taking ice fishing seriously. I am slowly purchasing the gear to make the trips more comfortable.

I started with the ice hut. I was looking at getting the Clam Bigfoot XL 2000 (279.99 CAD) or the Fish Inn from Costco (299.99)

The Clam has 56sq Ft (3-4 anglers) ($5 per Sq Ft)

Fish Inn 78sq Ft (4-6 anglers) ($3.84 per Sq Ft)

Although Clam is well known, I decided to first try the Fish inn from Costco. I chose this because Costco’s return policy is really good so I could return at almost anytime. With the Clam I would have 14 days from where I purchased and after that I would have to deal with the manufacturer.


The Fish in was very easy to prepare (<1 min to pop up) and had an amazing amount of elbow room. This thing was huge! We had four anglers all with camping chairs and had more than enough room. We had enough freedom for five people with out feeling crowded and with plenty of fishing space…Pure comfort.


With all windows closed I did a light test to see for any rips in the seams and found very little light coming in. Although I did see orange speckles which was showing that there was some weak spots in the material. Not sure how long these will hold for or if its nothing to worry about. I have also read on forums that the windows on these units crack.These are things I will look out.

Overall I am very impressed by the Tents size, now I must work it in to see its quality.


As for the first day fishing my dad pulled in 2 Pike, one on each of his brand new rods. I got skunked but had a good time and can’t wait for next weekend to go at it again.



2012 Season Trophies

 Male King Salmon, 20Lbs –  Bottom bouncing with salmon roe, Credit River


Channel Catfish 19Lbs – Worms and dead bait combo, Georgian Bay


 Steelhead 5Lbs   Float fishing with Pink worm (My first on a Center-pin reel)


Smallmouth Bass 3Lbs – Season opening day using Crayfish


Bass Fishing Tool Kit

There is nothing worse than not having the right tools at the right time when out on the water. Here are a few tools I keep on hand when fishing for Bass.IMG_2425

  • Side bag – A nice pouch is good to have instead of a tackle box so you can freely explore the rivers. When choosing one make sure it is comfortable and can hold everything you need. I like mine to have a cup holder, so it can can hold my live bait container with ease.
  • Forceps -They are thin and can reach down inside in case the fish inhales the hook really good.
  • Pliers – Great for fixing hooks, and lures.Also they are great for squeezing down split shots, although I have a bad habit of biting these(don’t bite some can contain Lead).
  • Scissors or clippers – Cutting fishing line.


  • Bait net – Catching live bait around you..I find live cray fish to work best (be sure to check your areas bait guidelines before catching and using bait…***DO not transfer bait between water bodies, they can become invasive)
  • Tackle – Of course you should have a solid container to keep your split shots, hooks and favorite lures

I like to walk up and down the rivers to my favorite deep holes so this tool kit is efficient for me. It keeps me fishing without wasting time.

Any must have tools you take with you at all times?